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Dress Code

Wow less than three weeks away!  Is anyone else getting excited? Cool

 I just wanted to give further details about dress code for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Friday at wedding - festive cocktail attire.  Ties not required for men.

Saturday at wedding -  cocktail, semi-formal attire. 

Gary is getting dandy for the wedding.


$580 on

 This really bums me out bc flights have been so pricey this year.  Thanks crude for hitting $140 a barrel.  Jerks.

 Anyway, here are the flight details to book the $580 airfare.  Sadly, this has been the best price I have seen for a nonstop in a couple weeks.  So book now!

Depart Thursday, 9:10am EWR nonstop CO1730

Arrive, 12:20pm


Depart Monday, 7:00pm CUN nonstop CO1788

Arrive EWR, 11:40pm



gary's picture

Rehearsal Dinner Menu

The wedding is fast approaching and we still have a few details to tie up!

We have arranged to have the rehearsal dinner on Friday night (7/4) at Hechizo. Everyone who will be attending (or thinks they will be attending), you have your choice of one of these entrees:

Bridesmaid Bouquet Examples


Ideally I would like something like the following picture..

Colors: white, pink, coral

Mood: bright and happy


Examples of other bouquets I like:



Other examples of colors of orchids I like:






flowers on cake

Nice plain white cake with variety of different size roses. Roses should be: white, green, pink. Can also use orchids. Cake should be 3 tiers max. Round shape. Flavor: dulce de leche but the outside frosting should be either white or soft pale yellow.

It's Official

It's official! Gary and I tied the knot (at least on paper) today at town hall in Hoboken. My parents joined us to witness the moment.


Robin and Gary at City Hall

Here is us at city hall about to be wed. We went to see the judge in private chambers. You could really tell he enjoyed the wedding portion of his job!


Update on Los Lirios

Hi Guys,

So I've had a few people inquire at Los Lirios and it seems that they will NOT be doing the stay two nights get the third 50% off for July.  That deal ends July 3rd.  Boo!  So if you were planning on staying there, I guess there is no reason to wait.

In addition to our page about Hotels in Tulum, I wanted to post about some more hotels in the area.

Reception Decoration

For the reception area, we would like the following things:

Hanging fabric from te ceiling in WHITE.



Table settings:

Tablecloth should be natural. 


This is the example we liked the most from the site.

Ceremony Decoration

For the ceremony we would like a chuppah like this and these hanging flower holders to line the aisles.

White and green flowers.

flower holders



We would like to line the aisle with flowers like this.  Colors can be similar to the ones below.

Colors: pink, coral, white, yellow



Green mostly, groom's boutonniere should slightly vary with orchid or another white flower.


This is an example of the ideal:


The groom's should have some variation like this one:



Ring Bearer

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