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Getting Suited Up!

Thanks for all your votes in the wedding poll.... Gary had his own thoughts for how he wants to look on the big day. He gets suited up at Ermenegildo Zegna on Fifth Avenue.

Below is Keith. He was super duper helpful!




keith and gary


Forums are open! SPEAK UP!

Hi Everyone!


I am not sure if all of you are aware that forums are open on our website.  It's your way of getting in touch with other guests.  Coordinate ground travel (wanna carpool?), compare pack lists, post pictures of wedding day attire, look for day trip buddies, or just gab.

Check it out! :)

Look to the left in the navigation menu for FORUMS!




Inviations are on their way!!!!! Keep an eye out on your mailboxes!



Wedding Day Info UPDATE!

We have confirmed a great place for the morning after brunch.

 Ak'iin Beach Club is a great spot on Tulum Beach.  Brunch will be served at 12pm.  Post brunch all are welcome to lounge and continuing hanging out at the club for a day of probably much needed rest and relaxation.   I am taking this opportunity to call one of the beach beds!  Laughing


gary's picture


Just in time for the wedding invitations to arrive, you can now RSVP for the wedding here on the site.

If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account to RSVP. It's easy, just go here and enter your name, email and a password. Then click on the link in the email you receive.

Once you login with your new account, you'll see an "RSVP" link on the left side of the page. Click it to fill in your info. You can always go back and change your information later as well.

Airfare CHECK!! Delta fare reduction on ORBITZ!

Just checked Orbitz! 


Airfare reduction on Delta with 1-stop leaving 7/3 JFK returning 7/7 for $222 totaling $339 with taxes and fees.

 This layover is only 30 minutes and no change of planes. 


I would still say keep waiting but it looks like prices are beginning to drop! :)


tick tock tick tock less than 4 months to go!

I can't believe how fast time is ticking away.

Here is our latest update:

Airfare check!

I have been watching airfares like a hawk and just noticed a slight drop in airfares.


JetBlue from JFK dropped from about $580 two weeks ago to $525. 

Delta from JFK with 1 stop is now at $413.


I am hoping for further reductions as most of the flights we have taken to the Cancun area have never been more than $380 with taxes and fees.


Keep your fingers crossed and eyes open! :)


Less than 150 days away!! Eep! More Tulum Info

I have been hearing from some of you re: reservations. 

Zulum is holding a block of rooms for us (Park/Helmling wedding) but only until the end of March.

As far as airfare, the rates I have seen lately have been slightly high.  I would wait about 3-2 months before the big day before booking.  I have a feeling that rates might drop.

Airlines that fly to Mexico:

from NYC area: United, Delta (with stop), JetBlue, AA


Coming soon! 

 You will be able to RSVP for whether or not you will be attending right here online.

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