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Has it been that long?

Wow I can't believe it's been more than 2 months since the wedding.

Photographers' proos are back, and there is a gallery online to view them.  If you would like the link and password, please email me.

Here is a link to my Flickr for some of our photos.

Photographers Post Some Photos on Their Blog!

dance floor


Paul and Mecheal, a husband and wife team we hired to shoot our wedding just posted some pictures on their blog. Not only are they lovely people but the photos came out great!!!!


We couldn't be more pleased with this sampling and can't wait to see more.


Phone Numbers in Tulum

Hechizo - (984) 1000-710

Los Lirios - (984) 8713-534

Ana y Jose Charming Hotel - (998) 880-5629

Ocho - (998) 282-8299

Tita Tulum - (984) 877-8513 

Hola from Tulum!



So we are here and waiting for you!!!

Here are some things that we may have forgotten to tell you before we left.

Don't get lured in by the people at the airport. They will pull you every which way to try to rent a car, book a hotel, etc etc. Just make a B-line to your reservation counter.

We are staying at Los Lirios. Come and say hi if you are around!

Adios Amigos!

Hola everyone!  Are you getting in the mood for Mexico?

 Gary and I are leaving today.  We will have our cell phones there.  Call us if you need anything.

 If you haven't already, please let us know which hotel you will be staying at!  

 Remember to review the events and leave a message for us at Los Lirios if you need anything.


Decent 1-stop Out of JFK Stopping in Miami

saw this fare on 


Travel In Style - Great Deal on First Class Flight $675 on Mexicana

Seeing some economy flights closing in on $800, I thought some of you maybe interested in this fare I saw on


Here are the flight details.

Dress Code

Wow less than three weeks away!  Is anyone else getting excited? Cool

 I just wanted to give further details about dress code for the wedding and rehearsal dinner.

Friday at wedding - festive cocktail attire.  Ties not required for men.

Saturday at wedding -  cocktail, semi-formal attire. 

Gary is getting dandy for the wedding.


$580 on

 This really bums me out bc flights have been so pricey this year.  Thanks crude for hitting $140 a barrel.  Jerks.

 Anyway, here are the flight details to book the $580 airfare.  Sadly, this has been the best price I have seen for a nonstop in a couple weeks.  So book now!

Depart Thursday, 9:10am EWR nonstop CO1730

Arrive, 12:20pm


Depart Monday, 7:00pm CUN nonstop CO1788

Arrive EWR, 11:40pm



It's Official

It's official! Gary and I tied the knot (at least on paper) today at town hall in Hoboken. My parents joined us to witness the moment.


Robin and Gary at City Hall

Here is us at city hall about to be wed. We went to see the judge in private chambers. You could really tell he enjoyed the wedding portion of his job!


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