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Update on Los Lirios

Hi Guys,

So I've had a few people inquire at Los Lirios and it seems that they will NOT be doing the stay two nights get the third 50% off for July.  That deal ends July 3rd.  Boo!  So if you were planning on staying there, I guess there is no reason to wait.

In addition to our page about Hotels in Tulum, I wanted to post about some more hotels in the area.

Hotels - Los Lirios Deal Watch

Hello Everyone!

 I have to be completely honest.  I have recently been avoiding the website because I'm afraid of the countdown.  I don't like the constant reminder of how little time I have left to get everything ready... but it's always a great building of anticipation for all the fun we will be having!

$359 on Mexicana from Travelocity!

 Trip - 1Adult

Modify Flight

Flight - 1 round trip ticket

GOOD PRICE ON MEXICANA!! ACT FAST! $392 leaving Friday!

$392 on Mexicana! 






$348 + $103 taxes & fees = $451  per person


Airfare Check - Mexicana

Just checked Orbitz and departing 7/3/08 returing 7/7/08 is $458 including taxes and fees.




Inviations are on their way!!!!! Keep an eye out on your mailboxes!



Wedding Day Info UPDATE!

We have confirmed a great place for the morning after brunch.

 Ak'iin Beach Club is a great spot on Tulum Beach.  Brunch will be served at 12pm.  Post brunch all are welcome to lounge and continuing hanging out at the club for a day of probably much needed rest and relaxation.   I am taking this opportunity to call one of the beach beds!  Laughing


Airfare CHECK!! Delta fare reduction on ORBITZ!

Just checked Orbitz! 


Airfare reduction on Delta with 1-stop leaving 7/3 JFK returning 7/7 for $222 totaling $339 with taxes and fees.

 This layover is only 30 minutes and no change of planes. 


I would still say keep waiting but it looks like prices are beginning to drop! :)


tick tock tick tock less than 4 months to go!

I can't believe how fast time is ticking away.

Here is our latest update:

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