Reception Decoration

For the reception area, we would like the following things:

Hanging fabric from te ceiling in WHITE.



Table settings:

Tablecloth should be natural. 


This is the example we liked the most from the site.

For the able we would like succulents scattered like in this photo.


succulents on the napkins:


For the center pieces, we would like to highlight the theme of the wedding which is CORAL.

The theme is coral but we would like to stay away from shells, starfish, etc.  No shells or starfish to be used in the decoration.

We liked the sprayed branches shown here (instructions to follow).  Please put the branches in a vase/bowl and attach or intertwine orchids on the branches.  This is give the impression that the flowers are growing off the branches.  Sand on the bottom of the vase.  Succulents scattered at the base.

coral set upinstruction