Showering Robin!

Natalia and Robin

Today was my bridal shower! I couldn't be happier! The entire day was a really touching example of how sweet and wonderful my friends are. Natalia, our hostess, really outdid herself. The apartment was decorated beautifully for the occassion. She picked linens and cups specifically for the day. The Curran sisters showed off their amazing culinary skills by baking up some really beautiful creations. Even Mrs. Curran came to the party and presented me with some gorgeous flower arrangements. The whole day couldn't have been better. I am really thankful. This was a great start to the wedding festivities!


Below is the decadent dessert spread. I couldn't believe how beautiful everthing was. Cecilia and Deirdre did the petits fours, mini cakes and pops. The petits fours were filled with jam (my favorite). The mini tea cakes and macaroons were made by me, and my mom brought the green tea cake.

sweet spread


The savory spread. I love the crustless sandwiches!


Flower arrangement by Mrs. Curran. I love lilac!


Look at this personalized M&Ms! They are so thoughtful!

special mms


linzer Isn't this the perfect linzer?!


Close-ups of the mini teacakes and the cake. Gary did the sprinkle work.



Cecilia putting out the final hors d'oeuvres.



Soojin with the favors from the wedding. Natalia got everyone their own personal tea cup! How genius!


tea cups



Thank you everyone! I had the best time!